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           Wedding Celebration!

"Cha robh dithis riamh a fadadh teine nach do las eatarra."
("Two never kindled a fire but it lit between them."  -Old Gaelic Proverb)

Image: portion of illuminated manuscript page from "The Book of Kells."

Cutting the Cake

    "You may now kiss the bride!" 

   Monk Linda _____________________

Carrie, Monk Preston, Ron.

Friends of The Prayer Foundation

      There is The Prayer Foundation .  There are the Knights of Prayer Monks.  There are the Prayer Warriors.  And then there are those who we just call friends.  Ron & Carrie fall into the last category.  Ron, having at that time (2002) known Monk Preston for 16 years, and Carrie having known him for almost three, asked Monk Preston to officiate at their wedding, and he was glad to do so!  (Ron, the Groom, and our own Monk Danny, had shared the honor of being "best man" at the wedding of Monk Preston and Monk Linda several years previously.)

Pachelbel and Enya

     It was a "home" wedding, held in the front parlour of a beautifully  


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                Image: The Prayer Foundation logo (with white Celtic cross on a green shield).

restored 1886 U.S. Military Officer's Mansion.  About eighty persons attended.  The Bride and Groom added their own personal touches to the ceremony, including a poetic reading, music by Pachelbel and Enya, and a "Unity Candle" Ceremony participated in by the mothers from both families and the Bride and Groom.  The Basic Service by Monk Preston followed the older, 1952 Amended Version of the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer (Standard Book of 1928).  It was an honor for everyone that Ron's Grandmother was able to attend, with 56 of her living descendants also present.

       The Flower Girls ______________________________

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