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The Prayer Foundation

Co-Founders: Monk Preston and Monk Linda

An Interdenominational, International Prayer Encouragement Ministry composed of Born-again, Bible-believing Evangelical Protestant Monks.  What exactly do we believe?  See our pages: 

Purpose (Mission Statement):

"To Promote Prayer Among All Christians and Proclaim Jesus Christ to the World!"

100% Born-again Christian Monastic Order

Founded in 1997, in July 19, 1999, we incorporated and legally became the first 100% Born-again Christian Monastic Order in the world, the first in history. 

 We have affiliated Lay monks (think "Oblates") in 13 U.S. States, the U.K., Canada.  One is sometimes on missionary outreach in China.  One is author Paul D. J. Arblaster, who in the early 1980's was named in the top ten Public Access Television Documentaries for his work as a Director on "Full Throttle To Glory," a motorcycle documentary with Steve McQueen (currently doing Evangelistic work and Church-building in the U.K.).

24-Hr. Prayerchain

                                                                                                                            Our 24-Hr. Prayerchain has received requests from 74 Countries; there are currently over 500 volunteer Prayer Warriors in all 50 U.S. States and 34 Countries. 

This ministry is really their ministry (our Prayer Warriors).  We have received and posted on our Web Site many e-mails telling us of God's wonderful answers to prayer in response to the prayer requests and prayers of His people.  God blesses those who pray for others.  If you feel that God might be calling you to a ministry of prayer, see our pages:

The Prayer Foundation Web Site:

On Nov. 8, 2000, we went online with our Web Site containing 12 pages, one of which was our 24-Hr. Prayerchain.

We currently (at the time of this writing) have nearly 1,000 pages on our website.  The name of our Site is: The Prayer Foundation : 

Our Website Address is: 

Our Email Address is:

 Evangelical Celtic Monasticism; Franciscan in Spirit

We are influenced as to monasticism by the early Irish Celtic Monks and by Francis of Assisi.  

Of course we reject any practices that we consider not to be in line with Scripture (for instance, we reject the concept of "penance" as denying the Biblical teaching concerning the complete and finished work of Christ's Atonement).

All We Mean by Being a "Monk" is to be a Consecrated Christian, Especially Dedicated to the Word of God and Prayer

 Myself (Monk Preston) and Monk Linda have been interested in Monks and things Monastic all of our lives, but we had not been involved in its practice. 

The day came when we stood in the ruins of a 6th century Irish monastery; inside the 1,500 year-old dry-stone constructed Gallerus Oratory (a monastic church barely large enough to hold twelve Monks); at the bee-hive stone huts on the sea's edge of the Dingle Peninsula; and also in Assisi, walking in the foot-steps of St. Francis.  We realized that this is how we too wanted to live, only that it must all be put through the "lens" of the Protestant Reformation.  That is, with the Bible as the Sole Authority for Doctrine and Practice.
                                                                                                              Would there be anything left?  On the one hand, as far as our Christian
Teaching, all we mean by being a "monk" is to be a consecrated Christian, especially dedicated to the Word of God and prayer. On the other hand, in actual practice we live in a traditionally monastic way, moment to moment, at all times, yet without any rigidity to the structure.

Our page: Open Letter: Monk Prayer Life, has a pastiche of what a "typical" day consists of for us.

Knights of Prayer Monastic Order

We formed the Knights of Prayer Monastic Order consisting of Supporters of The Prayer Foundation .  Instead of being a Religious Order to a Church, it is a Religious Order to an Interdenominational Ministry, thereby allowing it to be an Interdenominational Christian Religious Order.  This is how we wound up having an Interdenominational Ministry run solely by Monks (its own). 

Our Lives and Daily Observance:

Our Prayer, Bible Study, Religious Services.

First to Grant Full Monk Status to Women

We are the first and only Christian Religious Order to grant Full-Monk Status to women.  On July 19, 1999, Monk Linda became the first female Monk in the History of Christendom

Praising the Lord With Music; Telling Others the Good News of Jesus Christ

Two others became involved as a part of our Monastic Community here in Portland, Oregon: Monk Bob and Monk Danny.

Monk Bob:

  Monk Bob is 81 yrs. old and preaches 3 times a day on the streets of Portland.  He is fluent in Spanish, and has made 13 Missionary
trips to Mexico in the last two years, paid for out of his meager Social Security. 

Monk Danny:

Monk Danny has had more than thirty brain surgeries for AVM's ( Arterial Venus Malformation), a problem that he was born with, and that his sister has already died from.  He accepted the Lord Jesus as his personal Savior after being declared DOA (Dead On Arrival) at a Portland Hospital and coming back to life.  Now he devotes himself to God with his music ministry.  

Ordinary Christians as Monks (Are You a Already a Monk in Your Heart?)

Our Order allows married Monks (we did this on Reformation and Biblical Principles, and thought at the time that we were the first to do so, but found out later that the early Irish Monks had done this for three-hundred years and also that this was done by some of the Spanish Military Monastic Orders during and after the Crusades.
We are the first Christian Religious Order to grant Full-Monk Status to our "Oblates" (Ordinary Christians as Monks).  We grant an official recognition to any supporter of The Prayer Foundation who is already "a monk in their heart."

Our Growing in Christ and Memory Verses Series':  A Handbook &Training Course for Living the Christian Life

Our Growing In Christ Series (including our Memory Verses Series) is the Training Course for our Knights of Prayer Monks.

 We have posted it on  our website so that it is available free for your use.  We did this because we think it can be of great benefit to any Christian who goes through it.

We Recommend Other Christian Ministries:

Five days a week we listen to two excellent Christian Radio Programs: Thru The Bible with Dr. J. Vernon McGee, and The Bible Answer Man with Hank Hanegraaff.

You can learn more about them, including what time and Radio Station they are on in your area, on our pages:

Books And Movies:

Finally, there are many excellent Books and Movies that can be of great benefit and aid toward spiritual growth in your Christian life.  We have compiled a list of our favorites and our Reviews of them on our pages:



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