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Your Personal Ministry of Encouraging Prayer, Bible Study, Christian Growth, and Evangelism.

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Start a Local "Chapter" of this Ministry in your Home (or Church) with a Christian Film Night, Bible Study, Prayergroup, "Hours" Service, or Witnessing Team (or any combination of the above).

You may already have a Bible Study, Prayer or witnessing group that you want to register as a "Chapter" of this ministry.

We would like to list your Chapter on our website. 

That way others who are Prayer Foundation Prayer Warriors or Knights of Prayer Monks, or who are visitors to our website (as of May, 2004, this Site is now receiving over a half a million "hits" per month) would be aware of what meetings are available, and where.  

We can list what your chapter does when it meets, time and place of meeting, and even contact phone number.  All those who attend should be encouraged to invite others, and the Chapter meeting time and place can be posted in your Church (after okaying it with your Pastor first!) and in public places with public bulletin boards (such as Supermarkets, Public Libraries, and so forth). may be feeling God's leading regarding an expansion of your personal ministry.

If you are already a part of The Prayer Foundation family and ministry (Interdenominational) as a Knights of Prayer Lay Monk or Prayer Warrior, you may be feeling God's leading regarding an expansion of your personal ministry.  If you are not already involved in one of these ministries, but would like to be, see our pages: Prayer Warrior Map: World!, Prayer Warrior Map: U.S.A.!, and Become A Monk!, Monk Certificate & Card.

Home meetings should consist of no more than 12 people.  There is much benefit from experiencing Christian fellowship in smaller groups.  Individual participation is maximized.  When your group reaches thirteen regular attendees, the Chapter should be split into two Chapters for that particular type of meeting.  For example, if you have a Bible Study, Film Night, and Witnessing Team--attendance could make the film group split into two groups meeting on the same night, but if attendance at the other meetings weren't too large, they would not also divide.

Some might want to have several of the different Chapter meetings in their home on different nights, or different persons might want to host or lead different meetings in different houses on different nights.  

These Chapter meetings are a great opportunity to invite Christian friends to help them grow spiritually, and non-Christian friends as a witness to them of Christ.  This constantly creates new openings of positions of leadership, and new opportunities for members to expand their personal ministries, as Chapters continually grow and divide.  


  • A heart to serve God in personal ministry.

  • Agreement with our Statement of Faith.

  • As an Interdenominational ministry, we stick to the "main and plain" teachings of scripture, avoiding non-essential doctrines that we may hold differing views on. 

  • A place to meet (your Home or Church).

  • A consistent meeting time (every Wednesday night,  every other Tuesday, the first Monday of every month---usually once a week works best).

Chapter Meeting Options:

Christian Film Night

We have a weekly Christian Film Night where we are blessed by watching a different Christian Movie or Documentary every week.  These are the same Films listed in our Movie Reviews! (including our Top Ten Christian Movies Lists).

Bible Study

We recommend using our Growing In Christ Training Course.  It covers basic Christian teaching with books like Paul E. Little's Know What You Believe, and also basic Christian disciplines like scripture memorization.


For those who want to get together for a protracted time of group prayer.  No matter what time you are praying, you will be standing with others around the world on our 24-Hr.Prayerchain.

"Hours" Service

This is our religious service which we observe three times daily.  It could be observed as a group once a week (or more).  The basic service is found at: Daily Prayer: Praying the Hours.  It includes group prayer and scripture reading.  Hymns, Christian songs, time for personal prayer, additional group prayer, Bible Teaching, and observance of Communion may all be added.   

Witnessing Team

Going out as a group (or then dividing into "buddy" teams--teaming up someone experienced in personal evangelism with someone who is new to sharing their faith, can be very helpful to the person new to this) to a downtown or other area to witness or offer Christian literature (any of our web pages may be printed out and used for this purpose---especially useful for this is our page: Plan of Salvation).  Group witnessing can be a great motivator and learning experience in sharing and learning how to share our faith with others or teach others how to do so.  A discussion time of blessings, difficulties, and questions raised should be also held to fully take advantage of the experience (recommended book: How to Give Away Your Faith by Paul E. Little).       _________________________________________________

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