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"Is ann a tha 'n cairdeas mar a chumar e." ("Friendship is as it's kept." -Old Gaelic Saying)


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"In essentials, unity.  In non-essentials, liberty.  In all things, love."

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As we have heard the Franciscan Friars on EWTN  say many times on the air---"everyone needs to have a conversion experience."

-"Life On the Rock", EWTN  (Eternal Word Television Network)

(Note: The Prayer Foundation was mentioned on this program in 2006 as an example of the fact that many Protestant groups love St. Francis). ____________________________________________________________________

There are about 1,050,000,000 Roman Catholics in the world. ____________________________________________________________________

Evangelical Protestants share much Christian heritage with Catholics.  Both accept the basic Biblical teachings set forth in the Nicene Creed. The Nicene Creed is the only creed accepted by all three major branches of Christendom: Roman Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox (see: What All Christians Believe in Common: Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic, & Protestant).

With so much in common, how do Evangelicals generally differ from Catholics?  

  • Silverball 1.) In accepting Holy Scripture as the only, ultimate, and final authority for faith and practice, superseding all Church tradition and teaching: Sola Scriptura (II Timothy 3:16).  

  • Silverball 2.)  In believing that Christians obtain Salvation by faith alone, apart from any additional works of the believer: Sola Fide (Ephesians 2:8,9). 

  • Silverball 3.) In believing that you can absolutely know that you are saved (I John 5:13).

Exception: Catholics who also hold these views are Evangelical Catholics. _____________________________________________________


"He who does not know the Scriptures, does not know the power and wisdom of God; ignorance of the Bible is ignorance of Christ."  

-St. Jerome, Church Father and Translator of the Latin Vulgate; in the Preface to his "Commentary on Isaiah".


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20% of Catholics in America are Evangelical Catholics

A national survey in the 1990's found that 20% of Catholics in the U.S.A. (one out of every five) were Evangelical Catholics.  

Those who acknowledged being "born again" in the Evangelical sense (had a conversion experience).  

Catholic terminology has historically reserved this term for Baptism, using instead for the experience of "receiving Christ" the interchangeably Catholic/Evangelical term "conversion experience"

There have actually been more recent Surveys that have placed the figure as high as 30%.



"Religion and Ethics Newsweekly" (May, 2007) stated that 67% of current Roman Catholics in Brazil consider themselves to be "Charismatic".

They also stated that during the past two decades, over 20% Brazil's population have converted to Evangelical Protestant Denominations. ____________