Response to an E-mail: (5/6/02)

    Our Ministry is (still) Expanding!

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The E-Mail That We Received: 

(This email was written by someone who became a Christian through our website when it only consisted of about 20 pages.   We went online with this website on November 8, 2000.  Back then we were still able to reply to every email instead of only one out of every hundred received.  Also, in the early days we posted emailed Prayer Requests from the U.S.A.---every one of them!  Within only two years of going online it had already gotten to the point where we were receiving about 20 such requests every fifteen minutes).


I find it unfortunate that you no longer are receiving e-mail (prayer) requests (from the U.S.A.).  Your site has become more complicated and difficult to use than when I first signed on last May (2001) and was saved.  I was led to your site and it was simple, pure and effective.  I found great comfort late at night, when I could make a request by e-mail and know someone cared.  I don't know who is revising your site but one characteristic that stood out on the old site was the Statement of Faith and Plan of Salvation.  That is your main goal, I feel and all the rest is flap.  All the rest is a distraction.  Examine what has made your site a success and who is trying to complicate it.  What easier way for Satan to turn people away that have no computer understanding, than to complicate your site.  I feel that you're trying to do too much with it, and eventually will lose those who need you most.


  Response From The Prayer Foundation:

Our Ministry is Expanding!

We Prayerfully Consider All Comments Sent To Us


     (Numbers Updated 7/20/08) Thank you so much for your E-mail.  We will certainly prayerfully consider any comments sent to us.  Our Board of Directors has authority to make changes at any time, so anything could be changed "back" at any time.  We will explain why what has happened has happened.  We do not mean that as a way of saying it is right and you are not, for we are praying about that very thing, and are always totally open to the Lord showing us if we need to change something.

     We are still receiving e-mail prayer requests from all over the world, just not from the U.S.A.  We are still receiving prayer requests from all over the U.S.A., but these arrive by mail, now.

       The Plan of Salvation: Our Most Important Page

     The reason has to do with the growth of our outreach to the world through our web site.  Monk Preston and Monk Linda are two Christians who felt called to "found" a Christian ministry to encourage and help Christians to grow in their prayer life.  

We felt then, as now, that though all Christians may not be called to the ministry of an Evangelist, yet all are called to witness of Christ and preach the Gospel.  In the same way, we feel that any Christian ministry (we are a Prayer encouragement ministry) should also preach the Gospel.  This is why on our Site Map we say that the most important page on our site is our page: Plan of Salvation.  

The reason why, as you accurately point out, our Statement of Faith is so important, is not because it is our Statement of Faith (it is), or because it lets you know what The Prayer Foundation believes and teaches (it does), but because it contains quotations of verses from God's Word regarding the basic doctrinal teachings of the Christian Faith.

     We are a ministry of 100% volunteers.  Everyone, from our Board of Directors and our President on down participate in this ministry as volunteers.  No one receives any compensation whatsoever.  All  of our monks are responsible for their own support. 

It took an entire year for the first 100,000 accesses of our web site.  It is currently taking about six weeks... 

     Monk Bob (81 years old) also street preaches three times a day, and is at present street preaching in MexicoMonk Preston personally devotes 60-80 hours a week to the ministry of The Prayer Foundation. He earns his living in two days a week of working 25-30 hours.  He does with less so that he can devote more time to this ministry.  In our first year we were seeing 15 accesses per week to our site; it has gradually grown to over 20,000 accesses per day (some days we have over 30,000 accesses).  

     We do not care about numbers for the sake of numbers, but we are happy that the Lord is blessing us to be  continually reaching more people.  It took an entire year for the first 100,000 accesses of our web site.  It is currently taking sometimes only slightly over three days to receive that many accesses, and this time becomes less and less as time goes on.


     As you know, we have hundreds of volunteer prayer warriors in 34 Countries (including all 50 States of the U.S.A.)  Our Prayer Warriors tell us that they can only pray in depth for about 10 prayer requests at a time.  A year ago 10 prayer requests would stay on our Prayer chain for two weeks each.  As the number coming in increased, they would remain on our Prayer Requests page for a week.  This was fine, because in a week's time, every single Prayer Warrior prayed for every single request.  Prayer requests kept increasing until we were receiving 20 requests every fifteen minutes.  

     No longer were all the prayer requests being prayed for by all of our Prayer Warriors (because most of them are only signed up to pray once a week).  If we still did things the way we did when we began, some prayer requests would only be posted on our Prayer Requests page for a matter of only a few seconds!  And of course we regret that we no longer are able to send personal responses and correspond with everyone who sends in a prayer request, as we were able to do back then.  

We want to give our heart-felt thanks to those very few of you who have made this ministry possible; firstly by your prayers, and secondly with your financial support.

     We have seen many miracles in answer to the prayers of our Prayer Warriors (see our pages: Answers To Prayer).  It is because we want to maintain the same depth of prayer for the Prayer Requests (and give them as much attention) as they received in our first year, that we have asked that Prayer Requests from the U.S.A. be mailed to us (except that there are many more people praying for the requests now).  This has eliminated many of the "spurious" requests ( believe it or not, we receive prayer requests like these: "I command God to give me lots and lots of money!" and, "please pray that my girlfriend moves back into my apartment with me.")  These people do indeed need our prayers, but not for what they have requested!

     Our 24-Hr. Prayerchain is manned by volunteers from all over the U.S.A. and all over the world.  It is provided as a free public service to the general public, both Christians and non-Christians.  All of our support has come from those who are Monks of the Knights of Prayer Order, and others who believe in the importance of Prayer in the Body of Christ, and who want to see this ministry continue to exist and expand.  We want to give our heart-felt thanks to those very few of you who have made this ministry possible; firstly by your prayers, and secondly with your financial support.

     Our Web Site has Always been Intended as a Site for Prayer Teaching and Resources

     Perhaps you felt that our ministry was our 24-Hr. Prayerchain, because that was the part of our ministry that the Lord led you to (and we didn't have much more than that, back then!  But our 24-Hr. Prayerchain is only one of our ministries.  Our total ministry has always been "To promote prayer among all Christians, and proclaim Jesus Christ to the World." 

Our web site has always been intended as a site for Prayer Teaching and Resources.  We went online Nov. 8, 2000 with 12 web pages.  We have added pages almost every week since that time.  At the time of this (update) our site contains nearly 1,000 pages.

     Our web site itself is only one aspect of our ministry.  Monk Preston is currently writing a book.  Monk Bob is preaching the Gospel in the U.S.A. and Mexico.  We do not know what new avenues of ministry God may open up for us in the future, but we do know that  God is not standing still.  Any ordinary Christian (as Monk Preston and Monk Linda have learned) who offers himself or herself to the Lord will be used by the Lord.  This is also the message of The Prayer Foundation.

Yours in Christ,

The Prayer Foundation


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