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  • Rivermont Avenue Baptist Church (Lynchburg, Virginia)

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  • For Kirk and Covenant (John Knox Biography)

  • The Scottish Covenanters (Documentary Film Review)

  • Movie Review: "Celtic Cry: The Heart of a Martyr"

  • Silverball"Christianity Today" Celtic Christian/Monastic Articles:

  • "Saving Celtic Christianity"

  • "The Celtic Way" 

  • "Ancient Rhythms of Prayer"

  • "Rise and Fall of the Daily Office"

  • SilverballSpiritual Disciplines:

  • Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life by D. S. Whitney

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  • The Lord's Prayer

  • Bill Bright On Prayer

  • J. Vernon McGee: "Alone With God"

  • Amazing Grace: 5 Hymns That Changed the World

  • An Uncommon Union (Jonathan Edwards)

  • Candle in the Dark: William Carey (India Missionary)

  • Chariots of Fire (Eric Liddel)

  • David Livingstone: Journey to the Heart of Africa (Documentary)

  • The End of the Spear (Martyred Ecuador/Amazon Missionaries)

  • The Fanny Crosby Story (The Great Hymn Writer)

  • Gospel of Liberty (Great Awakening)

  • The Hiding Place (Corrie ten Boom)

  • Hudson Taylor (China Missionary)

  • Inn of the Sixth Happiness (Ingrid Bergman/China Missionary)

  • John Wycliffe: The Morning Star

  • Oswald Chambers: Abandoned to God (Day of Discovery)

  • Roger Williams: Freedom's Forgotten Hero

  • Saints & Strangers  (Colonial U.S.A.)

  • The Scottish Covenanters

  • Sergeant York (Gary Cooper)

  • Spurgeon Tonight (One-Man Show)

  • Stanley and Livingstone (Sp. Tracy)

  • Story of Amy Carmichael (India)

  • Story of Eric Liddell (China Mission)

  • Tennessee Ernie Ford: Amazing Grace (22 Hymns)

  • Tennessee Ernie Ford: His Life and Times

  • Zwingli and Calvin (Documentary)

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  • Brother Andrew: "God's Smuggler" Talks Openly (Interview)
  • Charles Colson: Reluctant Prophet (Documentary Film)
  • Luis Palau: Hispanic Evangelist to the Whole World (Interview)
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  • SilverballGeneral:

  • Knowing Scripture (R. C. Sproul)

  • I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist (Norman Geisler / F. Turek)

  • The God Who Is There (Francis A. Schaeffer)

  • L'Abri (Edith Schaeffer)

  • God Wrote A Book (James MacDonald)

  • SilverballChristian Growth:

  • Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life (D. S. Whitney)

  • The Mortification of Sin (John Owen / Introduction by J. I. Packer)

  • The Holiness of God (R. C. Sproul)

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  • Thompson Chain-Refer. Bible

  • The Psalms of David (Illuminated by James S. Freemantle)

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  • New Testament - KJV (Narrated by Alexander Scourby)

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  • Thru the Bible With J. Vernon McGee (J. Vernon McGee)

  • The Treasury of David: Updated Edition in Today's English (1 Volume - Charles Spurgeon's Commentary On the Psalms)

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  • Halley's Bible Handbook

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  • ILumina (Digitally Animated Bible & Encyclopedia Suite)

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  • Kingdom of the Cults (Walter Martin)

  • So What's the Difference? (Fritz Ridenour)

  • One Nation Under Gods (Abanes on Mormons)

  • Christianity In Crisis (Hank Hanegraaff)

  • Counterfeit Revival (Hank Hanegraaff)

  • SilverballApologetics:

  • God Wrote A Book (James MacDonald)

  • I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist (Norman Geisler/ F. Turek)

  • L'Abri (Edith Schaeffer)

  • The God Who Is There (Francis A. Schaeffer)

  • The Case for Christ (Lee Strobel)

  • The Case for Faith (Lee Strobel)

  • New Evidence that Demands a Verdict (Josh McDowell)

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    The Five Points of Calvinism

    Sometimes called the doctrines of grace and remembered in the English-speaking world with the mnemonic (memory aid) TULIP, they are a summary of the judgments (or canons) rendered by the Synod of Dort reflecting the  Calvinist understanding of the nature of divine grace and predestination as it relates to salvation.

    The Five Points of Calvinism are:

    • 1. Total depravity.
    • 2. Unconditional election.
    • 3. Limited atonement.
    • 4. Irresistible grace.
    • 5. Perseverance of the saints.


    Source: Wikipedia - "Five Points of Calvinism". ____________

    Note: The Prayer Foundation - as an organization - does not take stands on most Christian doctrines not essential to Salvation.

    We therefore do not take a stand one way or the other in the historical Calvinist/Arminian debate, leaving it up to each individual Christian to decide this for himself or herself.  

    Some individuals involved in the ministries of The Prayer Foundation   believe one way, and some the other. ____________