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The Prayer Foundation recommends the Movies shown here as being of benefit to Christians.  We may not agree with every part of every Movie.  Many are not made by Christians, but are from Secular sources.  As such they must be viewed with Spiritual Discernment.   _______________

Why We Usually Only Review Films We Like:

We have noticed that many Christian Bookstores (as for-profit businesses) unfortunately seem to carry everything that anyone might want.

As a Christian Ministry, we are free to only review films that we feel are generally sound and may be beneficial to someone. 

(Disclaimer: we of course do not always agree with every statement made in every film--watch every film with discernment).

We watch the many films we know nothing about, review any good ones, and spare you the poor ones. ____________

What we believe and teach Doctrinally may be seen on our pages: Statement of Faith, including: Plan of Salvation. ____________



* (See our Review to learn our reservation about this film).   ____________________________


* (See our Review to learn our reservations about this film).    ______________________________

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