Prayer Quote of the Month: 17Jan. - Dec. 2008


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Image: portion of illuminated manuscript page from "The Book of Kells."

January 2008 "What is more blessed than to imitate on earth the choir of angels, at break of day to rise to prayer, and praise the Creator with anthems and songs; then go to labor in the clear radiance of the sun, accompanied everywhere by prayer, seasoning work with praise, as if with salt?"  -Basil the Great

February 2008 "We live by faith in a prayer-hearing, soul-converting, soul-sanctifying, soul-restoring, soul-comforting God."                 -Francis Asbury (Journal)

March 2008 "If you're genuinely happy, full of joy, then they will know it.  The man of prayer is very like a woman who is pregnant; as she feeds herself, she also nourishes her child.  The one who prays is attached, by a spiritual cord, to everyone he ever came in contact with.  As he feeds himself spiritually, he also nourishes everyone through his prayers."  -Monk Yeronda Aimilianós

April 2008 "A sinning man stops praying, a praying man stops sinning."  -Leonard Ravenhill

May 2008 "Unceasing prayer means to have the mind always turned to God with great love, holding alive our hope in Him, having confidence in Him whatever we are doing and whatever happens to us."         -Maximus the Confessor

June 2008 "Give me Scotland or I die."  - John Knox

October 2008 "Just pray for a tough hide and a tender heart."  - Ruth Bell Graham

November 2008 "Think through me, Thoughts of God, My Father, quiet me, Till in Thy holy presence, hushed, I think Thy thoughts with Thee." -Amy Carmichael

December 2008 "There is no doubt that we are meant to pray, believing that He is able to answer.  We should have a growing history - like a trail of footsteps behind us in an unbroken field of snow- which will bring to mind that great reality which Jeremiah was reminded of as he looked back and spoke forth with great conviction: 'Great is thy faithfulness...'  We should be able to look back and gain courage to go on because of the trail of answered prayer.  It should be part of the fabric of life."         - Edith Schaeffer ___________________________________________________________

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