Prayer Quote of the Month: 10         Mar. - May 2003

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Photo: of a lit candle.

Image: portion of illuminated manuscript page from "The Book of Kells."

Mar. 2003 "The work of George Muller in Bristol, England, was a miracle of the nineteenth century.  It will take the opening of the books at the great judgment day to disclose all he wrought through prayer.  This godly man never asked anyone for money for running expenses at his orphanage where hundreds of fatherless and motherless children were cared for.  His practice was always to ask God for just what was needed, and the answers which came to him read just like a record of apostolic times.  He prayed for everything and trusted implicitly to God to supply all his needs.  And it is a matter of record that never did he and the orphans ever lack for any good thing."  -E. M. Bounds

April 2003 "My soul felt a pleasing yet painful concern lest I should spend some moments without God.  Oh, may I always live to God!  In the evening I was visited by some friends, and spent the time in prayer, and such conversation as tended to edification.  It was a comfortable season to my soul.  I felt an ardent desire to spend every moment with God.  God is unspeakably gracious to me continually.  In time past, he has given me inexpressible sweetness in the performance of duty.  Frequently my soul has enjoyed much of God, but has been ready to say, 'Lord, it is good to be here,' and so indulge sloth while I have lived on the sweetness of my feelings.  But of late God has been pleased to keep my soul hungry almost continually, so that I have been filled with a pleasing pain.  When I really enjoy God,  I feel my desires of Him the more insatiable, and my thirstings after holiness the more unquenchable." (-from David Brainerd's Diary)

May 2003 "All you need to do to learn to pray is to pray."  -Wesley Duewel (Mighty Prevailing Prayer)


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