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"Is giorra cabhair Dé ná an doras."
     ("The help of God is closer than the door."    -Old Gaelic Saying)


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"The sun that bids us rest is waking our brethren 'neath the Western sky, and hour by hour fresh lips are making Thy wond'rous doings heard on high." -from a Hymn

(Please pray for this ministry, including all those involved with it around the world, and for the many other prayer requests received this week that could not be posted.)


Please pray for Mike, who is in the ICU, after congestive heart failure surgery, the Drs. are now worried he might have cancer.                                                                          (Rob M., Battleground, WA)


Please pray for me; that my unemployment denial is reversed as I appeal.                                                                L. (WA)


Greetings Prayer Warriors,                                                                   Please pray for: TRM (completion of re-created miracle started on tight shoulder, and career). TLM (employment). DWM (deliverance from fear, anxiety). DLM (permanent job, reunited with his girls). SNM (home). TMW (successful appeal). Thanks,                                                                                                      (San Dimas, California)                              


Please pray for my daughter. She was a victim of human trafficking and was forced to commit a crime through threats and violence.  She is now safely away from her past life.                                                                   And to clearly find my purpose in life vocationally and in ministry. (Oakland, California)


Please pray for a Physical Instructor who experienced a pectoral muscle tear, and therefore cannot work.                                                          Nancy A. (Washington State)


 Please also continue to pray for our brothers and sisters around the world suffering persecution for their faith:                                              Worldwide Persecution of Christians.

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