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"Is ioma caochla ‘thig air an t-saoghal fo cheann bliadhna."                            ("Many changes come over the world in a year." -Old Gaelic Saying)                             


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"So important a factor is prayer in Christian experience, that the history of a man’s progress in the Divine life is just the history of his progress in the knowledge and in the use of prayer."  -MacGregor _________________

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[Back]Over 1,800 Christians have volunteered as Prayer Warriors so far on our 24-Hr. Prayerchain.  

We welcome all of our new Prayer Warriors---here is a listing of some of the most recent (newest added at the bottom):  

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Update: The Prayer FoundationTM Website (Part I)

by Monk Preston

As of June 27, 2013, as you now know: "We're Back!" 

A couple of years ago, I "moved on" from personally working on this website because  I felt called to be working on the writing of books. 

I also felt frustrated because of lack of time to pray.  Allow me clarify that statement.  Of course, I pray all day long as I think my thoughts to the Lord, as no doubt many of you also do.

My "set aside" dedicated prayer-time was about 21/2 hours per day total, with one hour of that being the first hour after I woke and had breakfast and brushed my teeth.  

I had begun this particular practice of praying at least an hour a day as a young man, and after so many decades, it had become like torture to have to quit after only an hour.  

I increased this to three hours, and still was not ready to move on to other things, but it must be done -- to do what I felt called to do --- for the past year and a half, I researched and wrote eight hours a day, five days a week.

I have never taken any compensation from The Prayer Foundation.  I have always supported myself by selling artwork I produce at a local Crafts Market, two days a week.  

I have always been willing to live on less, in order to provide ministry without charge.

It seemed to me to be a way a life similar to the earliest monks in Egypt, who weaved baskets so that they could support themselves while they lived their lives of prayer and study of the Word.

Any money coming in to The Prayer Foundation was used to defray its costs, including the many books and films we reviewed. 

Often it wasn't enough.  Myself, Monk Linda, Monk Danny, and Monk Bob would make up the difference with our own funds.

I had actually finished the first draft of my first book about four years ago, but it remains as of yet unpublished,  and I have continued to work on re-writes of it. 

It's working title is "Prayer as a Total Lifestyle" and I hope it will finally be out sometime this year.

I have also completed the first book of a three-volume commentary on the Psalms, the Prayer-book of God's people throughout all history.

Our ministry kept growing but with less and less help and staff, the website updates ground to a halt and the emails and mail could no longer be answered.

Monk Danny's health, because of brain vascular problems that he was born with, has now deteriorated to the point where cannot leave home.  He would not  remember how to return.  He is now being cared for by his parents.

Monk Bob is now 86 and his physical strength has ebbed to where he cannot do as much as he used to. be continued on this page... 


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