Prayer for The Prayer Foundation

Image: The Prayer Foundation logo (with white Celtic cross on a green shield).

Photo: of a lit candle.

Image: portion of illuminated manuscript page from "The Book of Kells."

Author: David Hodges

A Weekly Prayer for The Prayer Foundation

Most gracious and merciful Heavenly Father, Protector of the saints, and Judge of Heaven and Earth: to Thee we lift our hearts in praise, adoration, and intercession.

Holy is Thy Name and ever to be praised, for out of nothing Thou didst create this universe with Thine outstretched arm and created the array of the heavens to declare Thy glory to the nations.

Righteous and just art Thou, Law-giver and Judge, for no wrong hast Thou ever committed, and Thou shalt be the defender of the orphan and the widow, and no guilty man shall go freely from Thy wrath.

And yet, most merciful and long-suffering Father, Thou didst send Thine own Son to atone for the sins of Thy flock, forgiving our iniquities and washing us from all uncleanness.

Thy great compassion calls the saints to proclaim Thy most Holy Name to the nations, preaching the Good News of Thy mercy, that the heathen might cry out for repentance, and be saved from Thy judgments.

In Thy mercy, Thou didst raise up men of the Harvest, to reap what has been sown. For them we plead, that Thou wouldst hear our prayer from the gates and from the depths; to keep them safely in Thy hand, to provide their daily portion, to increase their piety, and keep them from the temptations of the Evil One.

For The Prayer Foundation , we ask that this monastery bring glory to Thee: that it may proclaim Thy Holy Word with a loud voice, bring food and shelter to the needy; that it might be a haven for the oppressed, and a mighty bulwark of our Holy Religion.

We humbly ask that blessings of financial support be given to them: pressed down, shaken together, and running over. Yet with the coming of these blessings, we plead with Thee: maintain the purity and devotion of these saints so that no corrupting power can overtake them.

For Monk Preston, grant him the courage to press on in times of distress: give him the gifts necessary to be the leader and teacher that Thou hast called him to be, give him a discerning heart and an upright spirit, to be salt and light in these dark times.

For Monk Bob, grant him the courage to proclaim the Gospel in these evil days to all who hear. And yet even before he goes out, prepare the hearts of the people who will hear him, that his seeds may fall on rich soil, bearing fruit for generations, for unless Thou draw any man to Thyself, none may see Thy face.

For the Church of Jesus Christ, the temple of the Holy Ghost, protect her in her vulnerability, cradle her in her fractured state, uphold her in her low esteem, and return to her the glory that is worthy of the Bride of Thy Son, Christ Jesus, who is not ashamed to call His saints brethren.

Thine alone is the kingdom, the power, and the glory, now and forever.


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