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   Zwingli and Calvin

The Swiss Reformation

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 Color / 28 Min.

Documentary _____________

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1509-1564 _____________

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"The word of God is as unstoppable as the Rhine."

-Ulrich Zwingli

"Promptly and sincerely in the service of God."

-John Calvin


Questioned Major Teachings of the Church of the Middle Ages

1520-1560 was one of the most tumultuous times in the history of the world.  The course of western civilization was dramatically altered.  During this period the Swiss Reformation exploded and sent forth waves that eventually reached much of the world.  This program looks at its key centers of Zurich and Geneva and its central leaders, Zwingli and Calvin.

Zwingli, the colorful Pastor at Zurich, searched the scriptures and questioned major teachings of the church of the Middle Ages.  He rapidly instituted sweeping reforms.  Accepted ways and worldviews were challenged and changed.  Inevitably conflicts erupted.  Zwingli's career was foreshortened when he was killed in battle defending truths he judged more important than his own life.


Geneva was an important refugee center and became known as the "women's paradise" because of laws regarding how men were to treat their wives.

Calvin was the leading thinker of the Reformation.  A quiet scholar, he was pressed into leadership at Geneva after its city council voted for reformation.  Years of  _________________________

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 struggle ensued, but Calvin laid the  foundation that made Geneva a unique international center.  In Calvin's time Geneva was an important refugee center and became known as the "women's paradise" because of laws regarding how men were to treat their wives.

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