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The Other Holy Land

A Journey to Authentic Biblical and early Christian Sites in Turkey

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 Color / 56 Min.


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From award-winning producer Frank Frost, this program premiered on Hallmark Channel.

Turkey---the cradle of early Christianity.  

In today's Turkey---a predominantly Muslim country---visitors are often surprised to discover the cradle of early Christianity.  

The Other Holy Land features Turkey's secret rock churches, its bustling markets and its landscapes that seem unchanged in two millennia.

The world of first-century Christians comes alive in this beautifully produced journey.

With this extraordinary documentary the viewer can follow in the footsteps of St. Paul on missionary journeys through the book of Acts and stand amid historic locations where he ministered.  

Art History, religious pilgrimage, and travelogue combine in this fascinating documentary.

Visit the four areas in the heart of early Christianity: Constantinople, Cappadocia, Ephesus, and Smyrna.  

Here is where the Apostle John and the Early Fathers preached and taught and where a wealth of storied ruins and magnificent edifices remain.  

Dramatized voices bring scriptural passages to life amid the locales where they were originally written. ______________________

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