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    The Story of Elijah

"Children's Heroes of the Bible" Series

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 Color / 23 Min.

(Animated) _____________

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The Scriptures come alive for children through these programs.

All children love stories, and the timeless stories of the Bible speak to young hearts and minds just as powerfully as they do to adults.  

This 13-volume set is a wonderful way to introduce children to the great people, events, teachings, and stories in the Bible---Old and New Testaments.  

Designed with a child's viewing habits in mind, these animated cartoons are based squarely on biblical accounts and interpreted at a child's level.

(-From the Video's Back Cover) ________________________

Our Comments:

Produced by the American Lutheran Church, this is a Biblically sound video.  

It is unfortunate that the quality of the animation is not technically very high---in fact, almost all of the other animated films that we have reviewed  on this Site are of higher technical quality.

-The Prayer Foundation ________________________

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