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    St. Patrick: The Irish Legend

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Color / 90 Min.

DVD: Playable in Region 1 - U.S., Canada and U.S. Territories.  __________

The companion soundtrack album features music from such artists as Clannad, Solas, Anuna, and Maire Brennan, as well as original music created for the Motion Picture.  Soundtrack now available on Shanachie Records.

Fox Family Channel presents in Association with Sharpmist III Ltd.: "St. Patrick: The Irish Legend."  Starring: Patrick Bergin, Alan Bates, Susannah York, and Malcolm McDowell.  

Casting by Carmel O'Connor.  Music composed by Inon Zur.  Music Supervisors: Ron Kenan and David Ari Leon.  Costume Designer Maeve Paterson.  Production Designer: Jim Furlong.  Editor: Terry Chiappe.  Director of Photography: James Mathers.  

Co-Producers: Morgan O'Sullivan and James Flynn.  Executive Producer: Lance H. Robbins.  Written by Robert Hughes and Martin Duffy.  Produced and directed by: Robert Hughes.

2000 Saban Entertainment, Inc.,  and Saban International N.V.  All Rights Reserved.   __________

 "I came in God's strength...and had nothing to fear."

-St. Patrick

Kidnapped and Enslaved

St. Patrick: The Irish Legend is the first ever feature film depicting the life of the world-famous Irish hero.  Armed with only courage and conviction, Patrick's unwavering belief that good conquers evil would liberate Ireland and alter the course of history.  Patrick Bergin, Malcolm McDowell, Alan Bates, and Susannah York star in this lush production filmed on location in Ireland.

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Patrick (Bergin) is born in Britain, the privileged son of nobility.  At the age of 16, he is kidnapped by Irish raiders and enslaved by a cruel druid chieftain.  Six years later, following many vivid dreams and visions of destiny, Patrick escapes and returns home to England and a sheltered life with his loving parents, Concessa (York) and Calponius (Bates). 

 Called to Return to the Irish

Troubled by new visions of the Irish people pleading to be freed from enslavement and hardship, he returns to the turbulent country intent on liberating the nation.  

Photo: of an Irish Castle.

His mission is jeopardized by British Bishop Quentin (McDowell), who believes the Irish are warlike heathens, but his unwavering courage in the face of adversity ultimately forces Ireland to abruptly turn in a direction that changed history forever. _____________________________

Our Comments:

We really enjoyed this movie, and look forward to seeing it again before the year is up.  It is very accurate in following the story of St. Patrick, having some narration from his own writing (his Confessions). Patrick Bergin is excellent as St. Patrick.  The only things we would have left out, are the 5 or 6 legendary acts of St. Patrick that are included as miracles performed by him. _________________________________

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Our Comments: (Continued)

The Man.  The Myth.  The Legend.

  For instance, in the film, St. Patrick drives (literally) the snakes out of Ireland. 

We had always understood this as a metaphor for driving out the Druid Priests (the "snakes").  If seeing things like this would ruin the accuracy of an otherwise accurate and realistic portrayal for you, you might want to skip this movie.  We just took it that the filmmakers are telling the legends about St. Patrick as well as the reality, and chalked it up to that.  Patrick's sincerity, love for God, and apostolic zeal for Missionary work is inspiring; especially in the face of both a violent, pagan mission field, and an anti-missionary British Church (his "Superiors," who are also anti-Irish).

-The Prayer Foundation Monks __________________________________

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