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St. Francis of Assisi and the Franciscans

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 Color / 46 Min.

Documentary _____________

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His life and vision have never been more timely.

Shot on location...

Shot on location, this beautiful program chronicles the life of Saint Francis of Assisi, the creator and guiding spirit of the Franciscan Order.

Francis...leaves his wealthy family in medieval Assisi in search of knighthood and returns a changed man. 

Period Paintings and a dramatic performance by Tom Melissis portray the story of young Francis Bernardone, who leaves his wealthy family in medieval Assisi in search of knighthood and returns a changed man.  Young Francis isolates himself from the world, reaches out to God, and discovers that his life has compelling and transcending purpose.

...he lived peacefully in poverty...

Various Franciscans guide us through his historical times.  They show how he lived peacefully in poverty, helped rebuild the churches of Assisi and how he quickly gathered a large following.  Finally, they recount where Francis received the stigmata and his significance therein sealed forever.  ___________________________

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