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    C. S. Lewis: Shadowlands 

(Original BBC Version)

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Color / 73 Min.

C. S. Lewis


 (Photo by Hulton Deutsch Collection/John Chillingworth) _____________

1985, BBC.  All Rights reserved. _____________

Photo: of the actor playing C. S. Lewis.

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Photo: of the actress playing C. S. Lewis' wife, Joy. _____________

Winner of over a dozen prestigious awards including the International Emmy for Best Drama and two British Academy Award.

A man and a woman---their love and pain, life and death, faith and despair. _________________

"A profoundly authentic study of emotion touched to the raw."

-The Times

"It explores the deepest spiritual values.  It is about love and death in a very real way...I found it completely different, about the kind of things television drama doesn't usually tackle.  It is, we should perhaps warn viewers, immensely harrowing at some stages.  But it is in the end immensely uplifting."

-Kaleidoscope  _________________

...the agonizing spiritual crises of C. S. Lewis when his wife died from cancer. 

He cried out, "Where is God when I really need him?"  A film about the agonizing spiritual crises of C. S. Lewis when his wife died from cancer.  The love, grief, pain, and sorrow were so shattering to Lewis that his basic Christian beliefs, magnificently communicated in his many books, were now called into serious doubt.

"...real life has not even begun yet."

But he picked up the pieces and moved out of the depressing "shadowlands," realizing that "real life has not even begun yet."  ______________________________

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"No broadcast has so enhanced us the way Shadowlands did.  By it came grace."

-Bill Moyers  ____________________________

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