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   C. S. Lewis: Shadowlands 

(Anthony Hopkins / Debra Winger)

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Color / 133 Min.

 Theatre Release Version _______________

DVD: Playable in United States, Canada and US Territories. 

DVD includes Cast and Crew Bios, Multiple Language and Subtitle Tracks, Scene Selections, and Behind the Scenes featurettes.  

Includes language tracks for Spanish, French. _______________

C. S. Lewis


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Richard Attenborough's Film:


Based on the true story of     C. S. Lewis and Joy Gresham

Image: C.S. Lewis (Anthony Hopkins) learns Joy is dying from Cancer. C. S. Lewis learns Joy has terminal Cancer.

...emotions he has written about, but never experienced.

Based on a true story, C. S. Lewis (Anthony Hopkins) is a world renowned writer and professor.  Unmarried, he leads a gentleman's life filled by intellectual pursuits, remaining untouched by any great passion until he meets Joy Gresham (Debra Winger).

Image: Joy and her son in the film, "Shadowlands". 

Joy and Douglas Gresham 

Joy is a feisty, abrasive New York divorcée whose sharp-edged, no-nonsense attitudes take Lewis by surprise.  Bursting unexpectedly into Lewis' world, Joy shocks his associates and awakens him to deep emotions he has written about, but never experienced.

...a heart awakened to great love is also opened to great pain.  

Slowly he opens his heart to this ________________________

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Image: Front Cover of the DVD, "Shadowlands" (Theatre Version).

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woman, and their romance shatters the walls of his cloistered world.  But life is made up of delicate balances, and Lewis must confront terrible truth: that a heart awakened to great love is also opened to great pain.

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