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   Samson and Delilah

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Color / 182 Min.

Stereo ___________

Elizabeth Hurley, Dennis Hopper, Eric Thal.

Turner Pictures presents a Lube Production in association with LUX VIDE Betafilm and RAI UNO.

Music by Marco Frisina.  Edited by Mike Ellis.  Costume Designer: Enrico Sabbatini.  Production designer: Paolo Biagetti.  Director of photography: Raffaelle Mertes, A.I.C.  Line producer: Roberto Malerba.  

Produced by Lorenzo Minoli.  Executive Producer: Gerald Rafshoon.  Teleplay by Allan Scott.  Directed by Nicholas Roeg.

1996 Turner Pictures, Inc. All rights reserved.

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TNT's: "The Bible Collection"

   Samson and Delilah is a stunning film based on perhaps the most provocative of all Biblical tales.  Samson (Eric Thal) is a simple Shepherd with the strength of a titan and the destiny to fight the Philistines and general Tariq (Dennis Hopper).  Delilah (Elizabeth Hurley) is a Philistine beauty, torn between her love for the Shepherd and loyalty to her people.   

As told in the Old Testament, Samson's betrayal by Delilah left him in slavery.  But Samson's epic revenge vanquished his Philistine foes and made him one of the heroes of the Bible.  Samson and Delilah is the powerful tale of a deception that brought down an empire...and sealed their names in eternity (-from the back cover). ______________________________

Elizabeth Hurley

Comments of The Prayer Foundation :

Recommended with One Reservation

Turner's Bible Collection is excellent, and this one is no exception.  We find one scene a little too erotic to recommend for Christian Family viewing.  It may not be any worse than what is often seen on television these days, but we find that unacceptable, also (the scene contains no nudity).  Our solution was to edit it out.  Others might choose to fast-forward, or just to pass on this particular film, though in all other respects it is a spiritually edifying re-telling of the Bible narrative.  _____________________________

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