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Ruth is the story of a woman whose name has become synonymous with love and fidelity.  

In a moving tale, Ruth follows her mother-in-law Naomi back to Naomi's native Bethlehem after the sad deaths of both women's husbands. 

Working hard in the fields to feed herself and Naomi... 

Working hard in the fields to feed herself and Naomi, Ruth finds her feelings for her kinsman Boaz run deeper than gratitude for his help with the work.  

Ruth's loyalty touches Boaz...

Prepared to marry him for Naomi's sake, Ruth's loyalty touches Boaz and he decides to challenge the claim of a closer relative for Ruth's hand.  The grace and simplicity of Ruth's story are conveyed perfectly by wonderful model animation.  ________________________

Cartwn/Cymru Christmas Films with S4C and BBC Wales.  Series produced in Wales and Russia.  

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