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    Pilgrim's Progress

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 Color / 72 Min.

This DVD is playable in US and Canada Only. _____________

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John Bunyan's Immortal Classic

...feature-length dramatic video...

John Bunyan's immortal classic springs to life in this feature-length dramatic video presentation.  

Although three centuries have passed - the dynamic message of Pilgrim's Progress speaks as clearly and as meaningfully to today's generation as it did in John Bunyan's time.

...exciting and challenging adventures...

Portrayed by an excellent professional cast, (including Liam Neeson) you will follow Pilgrim through many exciting and challenging adventures as the allegory unfolds.

The Slough of Despond.  The Hill of Difficulty.  Vanity Fair.  Pliable.  Mr. Obstinate.  Mr. Worldly Wiseman.  Evangelist.  Mr. Interpreter.  And, constantly plotting to keep Christian from reaching the Celestial City, Apollyon. ______________________________

Historical Note: Christiana

Shortly following publication of Pilgrim's Progress, John Bunyan was urged to complete the saga by bringing Pilgrim's family out of the City of Destruction.  Christiana, part two of the exciting book (not on this Video) is the story of Pilgrim's wife and children, as they, too, repent and seek the Celestial City! ______________________________

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