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One Year

Christian Snowboarders (Winter X-Games/Olympic Level)

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DVD Special Features: 

The Message _________

Have you received Christ as your Lord and Saviour?

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Plan of Salvation ___________ 

Tell others about Jesus:

 We who are Christians are all called by God to share our faith (witness) with those who are not Christians.  Some Bible verses that you will find helpful for doing this, and that you may want to commit to memory are found on other pages on our  web site (see: Memory Verses; 2nd Set: Salvation!, Plan of Salvation, and Statement of Faith). _________

Nations Foundation _________

Nations Foundation presents: 

Kelly Clark, Dave Downing, Andy Finch, Matt Hammer, Janna Meyen Weatherby, Tommy Czeschin, Ji Johnson, Eric Willet, Matt Lindenmuth, Brock Crouch, Chris Nelson.

Filmed on location in Argentina, Korea, Japan, New Zealand, California, Colorado.

  • Produced by: Joel Parker

  • Cinematography: Jaro Savol, Ben Becker

  • Editor: Kelly Moore

  • Directed by: Jaro Savol

  • Art Direction: Ben Becker

  • Finance Director: Dan Laskowski

  • Finance Director: Dan Laskowski

  • Production Assistant: Sam Wolcott


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This Film was only available through the Nations Foundation. _______________________________

Our Comments:

If you've ever seen a Warren Miller Skiing Film (or if you've seen either of the livin it or livin it LA Christian skateboard Films), this is the same sort of thing, but covering snowboarding exclusively - pushing its extreme limits with professional and Olympic and X-Games level Christian Snowboarders; with some of their testimonies added in; and with a separate additional "Special Feature" ("The Message") clearly explaining salvation.

Great for strengthening young Christians' faith, for presenting Christ in an interesting format to non-Christian young people interested in snowboarding, and even the old fogies among us (I won't name any names) with no interest whatsoever in snowboarding, were blessed by seeing all the Christian young people and hearing their testimonies.

-The Prayer Foundation

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