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My Journey to Life:

On the Trail of Celtic Saints

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 Color / 75 Min.


DVD is playable in all Regions. 

Languages: English; German.

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Host: Rainer Wälde

Discover the historic secrets of Irish monks as Rainer Wälde goes on the trail of the Celtic Saints.

Journey back in time to the origins of Christianity in Ireland and Britain.

Travel from Dublin to Lindisfarne.

Find out about St. Patrick, Columcille, Brigid,  Aidan and Cuthbert.

Meet modern-day followers in Iona and Northumbria and find out about the roots of Celtic Christianity.

Be inspired by the many ancient prayers, songs and rituals.

Discover how a daily rhythm of life -- with set times for Christian communion -- benefit our spiritual well-being.

Explore how a spiritual life following the course of nature and admiring creation can help to draw near to God.

Join Rainer Wälde on the trail of Celtic Saints -- a personal "journey to life".


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