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   Movie Review: Martin Luther

The Reluctant Revolutionary - (PBS)

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1 Hr. 50 Min.
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The German Monk Who Changed the World Forever

Martin Lutherís attack on the all-powerful Catholic Church was a knife to the heart of an empire that had endured for over a thousand years. Nailing his treatise to the doors of the Wittenberg Cathedral, this previously obscure German monk changed the world forever, unleashing forces that plunged Europe into war and chaos. 

Filmed across Europe

But Luther would do more than revolutionize the church ó he offered the Christian world a new vision of manís relationship with God and, in turn, redefined manís relationship with authority in general. Filmed across Europe ó from rustic rural Germany to the opulence of Vatican City ó Martin Luther is the dramatic story of the collapse of the medieval world and the birth of the modern age. ______________________________

Our Comments:

Excellent!  Highly Recommended!

Expecting the usual PBS Liberal "Christian" interviews that  actually attack every tenet of Christianity, we were amazed to find the interviews on this offering to be accurate, truthful in portraying Luther's Christian teachings, and informative.  This is a wonderful Documentary on the life of Martin Luther.  Narrated by Liam Neeson, it is filmed with beautiful Cinematography.  We highly recommend it.

-The Prayer Foundation ô __________________________________


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