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                               Livin It LA

The sequel to Stephen Baldwin's acclaimed extreme sports DVD

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Christian Skateboarders / BMX / Extreme Sports




DVD is playable in Region 1 Only; North America (US and Canada)

Bonus Features: Tim Byrne, Salton Sea, Eric Dressen, Ray Barbee, and more!

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Director: Stephen Baldwin Executive Producer: Kevin Palau

Livin It Productions (A Ministry of the Luis Palau Association).

When you've produced one the most popular action sports films of the decade, what do you do for an encore? For the creators of "Livin It", the answer was simple: make it better!

Directed by Stephen Baldwin and produced by Kevin Palau of
Livin It Productions.

Photo: Skateboarder from the Documentary "Livin' It: L.A.", Directed by Stephen Baldwin (Christian Skateboarders / Extreme Sports).

 Livin It LA was filmed in the birthplace of skateboarding where legends from the Dogtown crew, the Zephyr skating team and the Bones Brigade ripped it up long before the X-Games and product endorsements.

Lance Mountain, Ray Barbee, Jay "Alabamy" Haizlip, and Christian Hosoi 

This latest installment of
Livin It features 12 skaters including Legends Lance Mountain, Ray Barbee, Jay "Alabamy" Haizlip, and Christian Hosoi.

The DVD also features Birdhouse Pro Brian Sumner, Chocolate Pro Richard Mulder, Zoo York Pro Donny Barley, Reliance Pros Joshua Kasper, Tim Byrne, Elijah Moore, and many others. ___________________________

Copyright 2006 Livin It Productions.  All Rights Reserved. ___________________________

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