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Movie Review: Legends of Ireland:

St. Patrick / Brendan the Navigator

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As seen on The Discovery Channel Photo: Re-creation of St. Brendan the Navigator and his Monks.     St. Brendan the Navigator and his Monks

Saint Patrick

Perhaps the world's most legendary saint, Patrick converted the pagan Irish to Christianity more than fifteen centuries ago.  Legend has it that this holy wanderer also banished the snakes from Ireland's shores.  Hear the story of Ireland's patron Saint Patrick---captured into slavery at age 16---came to do God's work.

Brendan the Navigator

During the 6th century. an Irish monk explored the seas---from Scandinavia to Africa---in a traditional boat made of skin and wood.  It is said that this man, who became known as Brendan the Navigator, may have discovered America a thousand years before Columbus even set sail.  Retrace the steps of his remarkable journeys in this tale of the most mysterious sea voyager of all time. ________________________________


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