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Color / 2 Hrs. 16 Min.

Features: English and Spanish Stereo Surround Sound.  English, French, and Spanish Language Subtitles.

  Photo: Charlton heston as Gordon in the Film, "Khartoum".    __________  

The Oscar® Nominated script departs from historical accuracy in only one major instance: General Gordon and the Mahdi corresponded but never actually met. __________

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Charlton Heston, Sir Laurance Olivier, Ralph Richardson

"Exceptional, a truly great spectacle"  -Los Angeles Times

"Khartoum is nothing less than superb."  -Newsweek

Academy Award® winners Charlton Heston and Sir Laurance Olivier face off in this epic, stirring drama of two men and two empires.  

Filmed in glorious Cinerama®, with stunning desert battles staged by the creator of the Ben-Hur chariot race, Khartoum is a "magnificently staged action spectacle (with) outstanding portrayals" (Boxoffice) and breathtaking cinematography.

In 1883, British Prime Minister Gladstone (Ralph Richardson) dispatches General Charles Gordon (Heston) to Khartoum, Sudan, where thousands of civilians are threatened by a Muslim fanatic, the Mahdi (Olivier), and his army of followers.

Gordon gains the Mahdi's respect but can't prevent the Mahdi's men from laying seige to the city.  Now, as history hangs in the balance, Gordon faces the fight of his life defending the ancient city of Khartoum. ____________________________

Our Comments:

Why is this Film on our website?

An excellent Film indeed, but there is nothing much Christian about this movie, so why is it reviewed and posted here?  

General Gordon (Charlton Heston) makes some references to liking the Bible and Christianity, but seems like an independent "crank" about it.  Well, that's Hollywood for you. 

General Gordon in real life was a devout Christian... 

General Gordon in real life was a devout Christian, the hero of wars in China (where he got the nickname "Chinese" Gordon) and in the Sudan (what this Movie covers).  He was buried with full state honors in Westminster Abbey.

Sudan, then as today...

Sudan, back then, over 100 years ago, as today, was/is Arab Moslem in the north, and black African in the south: some of which were/are Christians, and some of which were/are African tribal religions.  

Back then a fundamentalist  movement arose (Islamic: the "Mahdi") that sought to: 

  • 1. Conquer and control the other, non-extremist Moslems, 

  • 2. Convert or kill the black Christians and black Animists in the southern half of the country, and... 

  • 3. Use the enslavement of men and the forced slavery of tens of thousands women and children to fund the movement.

Sudan Today

Sound familiar?  Just like today.  Except today it is even worse, with ____________________________

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Image: Front Cover of the DVD, "Khartoum" starring Charlton Heston and Sir Laurance Olivier.

Not available through Vision Video or ________________________________

 outright genocide (extermination) of Christian males (and those of tribal religions) and mass enslavement of women and children, with entire regions being depopulated, and execution by crucifixion practiced against Christians as young as age seven.

...anti-slavery Christian movement of William Wilberforce...    

As an outgrowth of the anti-slavery policy stemming from the Christian movement of William Wilberforce (as portrayed in the Movie, "Amazing Grace", General Gordon was asked to go in to stop the genocide, enslavement/slave trade, and liberate the "non-fundamentalist" Islamic community also being oppressed and terrorized by the terrorist cultists.  He went because of his Christian beliefs.

We call on all Christians to get involved...

We call on all Christians to get involved---contact your senators and congressmen to seek a solution to this ongoing horror against our brothers and sisters in Christ (and their children) in Sudan.

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