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   The Keys of the Kingdom: 

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 Color / 137 Min.

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Not Rated _______________

A. J. Cronin's: The Keys of the Kingdom

 With Gregory Peck, Thomas Mitchell, Vincent Price, Rose Stradner, Roddy McDowall, Edmund Gwenn.  Directed by John M. Stahl.  Produced by Joseph L. Mankiewicz.  Screenplay by  Joseph L. Mankiewicz and Nunnally Johnson.  From the Novel by A. J. Cronin. _______________

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Be a Missionary to those you know, like Father Francis Chisholm (Gregory Peck):

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 Gregory Peck Shines as a Courageous Man of God

Gregory Peck received a 1945 Best Actor Oscar ® nomination for his portrayal of a dedicated priest in this excellent film version of A. J. Cronin's excellent book.

Running a mission in rural China in the 1890's

When the movie begins, Father Francis Chisholm (Peck) is an aging cleric who is about to be forced into retirement.  Though he has apparently accomplished little during his career, flashbacks reveal his enormous impact on those who knew him.

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(Yes, the Movie is in Color.  We don't know why all the pictures on the Video's Cover are in Black & White.  Perhaps the movie has been colorized.)

As a young man, Chisholm accepts the daunting challenge of running a mission in rural China.  Indeed, when he arrives he finds he has no church and no congregation.  But over the years his honesty, generosity and courage win the villager's respect, and slowly his mission prospers.  

...inspiring, moving story of one man's effort to serve God without any thought of personal gain or earthly reward.

Co-starring Vincent Price as a church official prone to posturing, Edmund Gwenn as Chisholm's mentor, and Roddy McDowell, (who plays Chisholm as a boy), The Keys of the Kingdom screenplay was written by Joseph L. Mankiewicz and Nunnally Johnson ("The Grapes of Wrath").  It is the inspiring, moving story of one man's effort to serve God without any thought of personal gain or earthly reward.

(-from the Video's Back Cover) ________________________________

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Our Comments:

This movie unfortunately has a few silly, and very stupid sayings in it (cliché Liberal Theological sayings).  

Those aside, this is a very enjoyable movie and Gregory Peck is excellent in it.  Anyone interested in missions in China in the late 1800's and early 1900's (like us) will be glad to see it.

-The Prayer Foundation _______________________________

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