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Movie Review: Joseph

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Color / 185 Min.

 Not Rated

 Hi-Fi Stereo


  1995 Turner Pictures Worldwide, Inc.  All Rights Reserved. 

Producer: Lorenzo Minoli.  Executive Producer: Gerald Rafshoon.  Dircted by Roger Young. __________

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"We consider "JOSEPH" to be the best of all the excellent productions in TNT's "The Bible Collection." 

  -The Prayer Foundation

 Betrayed By His Brothers, He Rose From the Chains of Slavery to the Heights of Power

   Ben Kingsley, star of 1993's Best Picture, Stephen Spielberg's Schindler's List (and 1982 Academy Award-winner Best Actor, Gandhi), Paul Mercurio, Martin Landau (1994 Academy Award-winner Best Supporting Actor), and Lesley Ann Warren star in this epic adventure of passion and power. of the greatest dramas of all time...

  In one of the greatest dramas of all time, Joseph (Mercurio) is the favorite son of Jacob (Landau) and the enemy of his jealous brothers who carry out what is very nearly his death.  But Joseph survives and is sold to a powerful Egyptian landowner (Kingsley)...only to face unbearable tests of cruelty and pain.

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Stunning Scenery and Heart-rending Romance

  Joseph rises to a place _______________________

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of honor when his master Potiphar's wife (Warren) accuses him of treachery and rape, sealing Joseph's fate.  What  starts as tragedy ends in the greatest triumph of all in this powerful religious epic filled with stunning scenery and heart-rending romance. 

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