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Jonah ("Testament" Series)

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...swallowed by a whale...

The gentle humour of this wonderful tale of the bad-tempered prophet is given full rein here.  Jonah's flat refusal to preach the word of the Lord to the people of the wicked city of Ninevah leads to his upsetting an entire boatful of sailors, and being unceremoniously heaved overboard to be swallowed by a whale. 

...God's patience, humour, and mercy...  

Even after accomplishing his task, Jonah remains as grumpy as ever, but God's patience and humour lead him to understand the meaning of mercy - eventually!  Cel animation is the perfect medium for this fantastical and comic gem. ________________________

Cartwn/Cymru Christmas Films with S4C and BBC Wales.  Series produced in Wales and Russia.  

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1998 Diamond Entertainment Corporation.  All Rights Reserved. ____________________________

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