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   John Wycliffe: The Morning Star

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Color / 75 Min.

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Book Review: John Wycliffe: Herald of the Reformation _________________


John Wycliffe captures the trials and heroic struggles of this significant man of faith--the "morning star" of the Reformation (Wycliffe was 200 years before Luther).

14th Century Scholar and Cleric who Translated the Bible into English for the First Time 

John Wycliffe is a dramatic biography of the life of the 14th century scholar and cleric who translated the Bible into English for the first time. 

Photo: John Wycliffe translates the Bible into English. 

Wycliffe found himself in the middle of religious, political, and social conflicts.  An Oxford scholar, one of Europe's most renowned philosophers, he was a defender of English nationalism against the power of the Pope, and a champion of the poor against the injustices of the rich.

He Preached That the Only True Authority is the Word of God

John Wycliffe taught that God's forgiveness cannot be bought with indulgences.  He preached that the only true authority is the Word of God, and the Word could only be understood by all if the people could read it in their native tongue.

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Our Comments:

John Wycliffe also founded the Lollards: a Christian religious Order and preaching movement that brought Revival to England in his generation.  It was sort of a Protestant (200 years before there were Protestants!) Franciscan type of Order for Evangelism. In fact, it reminds us of our own calling with the Knights of Prayer  John Wycliffe greatly influenced his Bohemian Students (Moravians), who influenced John Hus, Count Zinzendorf, and almost everyone else in Christian History, especially John Wesley and the later Worldwide Missionary Movement of the 1800's.

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