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   Movie Review: John Wesley

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 "Suddenly an inexplicable warmth swelled inside John's chest.  His heart seemed to buoy him off the floor.  His mind soared.  He realized he did trust Christ alone for salvation.  Christ had died for him, John Wesley.  Christ's blood had washed away John Wesley's sins.  Christ alone had saved John Wesley..."  

(John Wesley was born again while listening to a reading of Martin Luther's "Preface To the Book of Romans."  He recorded the time and place in his Journal.  Aldersgate: 8:45 P.M., May 24, 1738)

The Founding of Methodism

A Re-release of the J. Arthur Rank historical classic made in 1954.  This cinema drama follows the life of Wesley from when he was saved out of a burning house as a child and therefore marked as a "brand from the burning."  

His Oxford days, a disastrous mission to America, his decisive Aldersgate conversion, his bringing the gospel into the daily lives of alienated masses, the founding of Methodism, and his astounding role in raising the moral and religious climate in 18th century England, and much more are set forth with careful dependence on the historical sources.

One of the Most Influential Ministers in All of Christian History

John Wesley was one of the most influential ministers in all of Christian history, and this old but still potent film provides an excellent introduction to the major events in his life and the many obstacles he had to overcome.

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Our Comments:

We were pleasantly surprised that this movie was so good, so scriptural, so inspiring, and so historically accurate concerning the life and ministry of John Wesley.  We recommend it highly.  For anyone with any kind of Methodist background this is a must see.  For all others this is a film that will bring spiritual blessing.

It is well complemented by the movie "Wesley: A Heart Transformed Can Change the World" which places more stress on Wesley's conversion experience and the part that the Moravians played in it.

-The Prayer Foundation ______________________________________

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