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   The JESUS Movie

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Color / 120 Min. __________________

Includes language tracks for Spanish, French, Japanese, Arabic, and Portuguese.

Photo: of Jesus on the Cross (scene from the Movie, "Jesus"). Exactly Who Was Jesus Christ? 

The JESUS Film Project

Award-winning Producer John Heyman answers this question in JESUS, the most ambitious Bible film ever made.  Heyman has created a film so true-to life, you'll feel like you're in first-century Palestine with the Savior.  

  Starring Brian deacon as JESUS.  Produced by John Heyman.  Co-produced by Richard Dalton. Screenplay by Barnet Fishbein.  Directed by Peter Sykes and John Kirsch.  

  An Inspirational Films Presentation of a Genesis Project Production.  Distributed by Campus Crusade For Christ.

Program Content MCMLXXIX Inspirational Films Inc.

  Campus Crusade For Christ, 18005 Sky Park Circle, Suite K, Irvine, CA 92614  ____________________

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Plan of Salvation ____________________

The Jesus Film has been translated into nearly 1000 languages and over 200,000,000 people have indicated decisions for Christ as a result of the film (Campus Crusade).


JESUS was filmed on location in Israel in Biblical settings, with a cast of more than 5,000 Israelis and Arabs. Workshop teams painstakingly studied the clothing, architecture, customs and food to ensure the film's complete authenticity. 

Photo: Christ's triumphal entry into Jerusalem (scene from the movie, "Jesus").  Jesus' Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem

Raising Questions

    How could this destitute man from a despised town in Galilee, who never wrote a book, led an army or owned anything, become the best-known and most-loved figure in history. Is Jesus who he said he was?  Twenty centuries after he first appeared, why are people so attracted to his life and teachings? 

Finding Answers

    The JESUS film has helped millions of people find the answers to these questions.  Translated into over 600 languages, with a new translation being finished every three or four days, it has been viewed by over 3.4 billion people.  This moving account of the life of Jesus gives an amazingly authentic portrayal of one of the most influential and captivating figures in all of human history, Jesus of Nazareth.  JESUS has the life changing answers!    ______________________________

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