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How the Bible Came to Be

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Color/ 55 Min.


Gospel Communications The 21st Century Gospel Films

1978 Gospel Communications International Inc. _____________

A carefully documented presentation of the origins of Scripture is beautifully photographed in the Holy Land.

Two volumes on one disc provide a wonderful way to begin a family or group study of the Bible.  

Volume One gives a graphic overview of the Old Testament and how it came to be written.

Volume Two gives a graphic overview of the New Testament and how it came to be written. ___________________________

Our Comments:

There is nothing wrong with this DVD, although the photography is somewhat dated (1978).  There is not that much to it, either. 

The (supposed) Problem: 

Liberal Theologians had been claiming since the mid 1800's that: our text of the Bible must be faulty and corrupted (inaccurate) because the people in Moses' time supposedly didn't know how to write and therefore had to preserve the Bible by memory (which supposedly led to many transmission mistakes).  When finally written down, the Jewish scribes also supposedly must have made many copying mistakes over the centuries.

The correct answer of this DVD:

In the 20th Century, Archaeological discoveries of tens of thousands of clay tablets covered in cuneiform writing proved that writing had in fact been in existence for thousands of years before Moses' time.  

The discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls (including a complete scroll of Isaiah); plus a complete New Testament Codex and 150 pages of Old Testament manuscript from 350 A.D. discovered at St. Catherine's Orthodox Monastery in the Sinai; and the Codex Vaticanus manuscript dating from 300 A.D. discovered in the Vatican, all proved that there had been no corruption or changes in the text of the Old Testament during the past 4,000 years, or of the New Testament text during the past 1,700 years.

This is indeed very important ___________________________

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 information, and this may be the perfect DVD for certain individuals or Churches, especially more "modernist/liberal" Churches attempting to find their way back to orthodoxy.

For most Evangelicals, this is "old news," and unless you are very interested in this particular subject, rather than purchasing it, we would recommend just watching it on Netflix or some other such Film rental/downloading service (if they have it). 

For greater value for purchase, we would instead recommend any of the fine Christian Films on our lists of: Top Ten Christian Movies. _______________________________

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