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A History of Christian Worship

Ancient Ways, Future Paths (Part 2: The Body)

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Color / 56 Min.

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Part 2: The Body

Part 2: The Body explores how individuals are joined with the body of Christ through baptism and how the idea of community is essential to the worship experience, including:

  • What early church documents and practices teach us about how baptism is celebrated today.

  • What symbols are common to all Christians in the celebration of baptism.

  • Why there are different forms of baptism among various Christian traditions. 

  • How the Scriptures and church history support the community of believers as an important part of worship.

  • How one unique contemporary community of believers celebrates worship through its western-themed cowboy church.


For followers of Jesus Christ, worship has spanned over two thousand years to include a long and diverse history of sacred practices.  

The many ways in which the faithful have preserved and celebrated God's story is limited only by the human imagination.

A History of Christian Worship:  Ancient Ways, Future Paths is a six-part series that explores centuries of worship practices, as seen through the eyes of Protestant, Catholic and Orthodox churches and discussed by leading voices from a wide cross-section of Christians.  From scripture, sermons and creeds to baptism and the Eucharist, from art and music to drama and media, from prayer and contemplation to service and ministry, viewers will discover the significant people and events that have shaped history and learn how modern worship practices are rooted in the earliest foundations of the Christian faith.

Join us on a journey from ancient ways to future paths as we discover a history of Christian worship. _______________________________

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Image: "History of Christian Worship: Ancient Ways, Future Paths" Part 2: The Body.

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Our Comments:

These are Videos that we ourselves would have liked to put out if we only were filmmakers!  

We are surprised to find ourselves in another new movement!  

It is the Ancient Faith / Future Faith movement, that comprises a study of the early Church for applicability to our current Christian lives and church practice.

This just happens to be what we have been living for the past eleven years!


The subject matter of this DVD (#2: The Body) was not as interesting to (some of) us as the first video, and for this reason we gave it one less star than the five stars that we gave the first DVD (#1: The Word).  This is not a reflection on the excellent job done by its producers.

-The Prayer Foundation Monks ______________________________________

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