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  Handel's Messiah 

Roger Norrington

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 Color / 113 Min.

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Kultur (Music Series)

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...the best-loved of all oratories, played on original instruments...performed to the original scoring...


Norma Burrowes, Helen Watts, Willard White, Robert Tear

--- Credits ---

The London Baroque Players, conductor Roger Norrington.

The Cardiff Polyphonic Choir, chorus master Richard Elfyn Jones.

...the best-loved of all oratories...

This performance of the best-loved of all oratories, played on original instruments, provides us with a new musical experience.  The renowned Conductor Roger Norrington --- a leading proponent of authentic performance practices --- leads the London Baroque Players and the Cardiff Polyphonic Choir in this concert, which was the highlight of the Cardiff Festival of Choirs in Wales.

...a performance which truly increases our understanding of this magnificent work.

Handel wrote the "Messiah" for a combination of wind and strings, not the large orchestras of the late 19th and 20th centuries.  In this program, the work is performed to the original scoring.  This "Messiah on original instruments is a performance which truly increases our understanding of this magnificent work.

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