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   The Gospel of John

Word for Word: Good News Bible 

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Color / 3 Hrs.

On 2 DVDs

Region 1 DVD: playable U.S., Canada, and U.S. Territories.  _____________

Photo: Christ in the Film, "The Gospel of John". Jesus Christ

Photo: the Apostle John in the Film, "The Gospel of John". The Apostle John

Boxed DVD Set Includes: 3rd DVD containing additional 1 Hr. 40 Min. of Special Features

Special Features: 

Historical Background, Production Design, About the Cast, About the Filmmakers, Academic Advisory Committee, Interactive Map of the Holy Land, Theatrical Trailer, Glossary: Historical Terms, Bibliography, Filmography.

Photo: Mary Magdalene in the Film, "The Gospel of John". Mary Magdalene

Photo: Pontius Pilate in the Film, "The Gospel of John". Pontius Pilate ______________

A Canada/U.K. Co-Production.  A THINK/Film Release.   2003 The Book of John, Inc. and the Gospel of John, Ltd.  All Rights Reserved. _____________


For God Loved the World So Much...

Word for Word based on the Good News Bible translation of the American Bible Society

Photo: scene of Jesus and his disciples from the Film, "The Gospel of John".

...meticulously re-creates the era of Jesus...

The Gospel of John, the best-loved of the four Gospels, vividly comes to life in a faithful and powerful dramatization of the Biblical text.  

The Gospel of John meticulously re-creates the era of Jesus during a tumultuous period that changed the course of history.  

...narrated by Christopher Plummer...

Starring Henry Ian Cusick as Jesus, and narrated by Christopher Plummer, and with a cast of over 2500, The Gospel of John has been adapted for the screen, word for word, based on the American Bible Society's  Good News Bible, by Emmy-nominated John Goldsmith and is directed by acclaimed British Director, Philip Saville. __________________________

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Our Comments:

This is a "must own" for your personal Film Library.  

We consider this one of the ten most spiritual movies ever made, and have added it to that List on our page:

You will want to get a second copy to loan out as a blessing to Christians and a witnessing tool for non-Christians.

-The Prayer Foundation ______________________________

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