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   Glory to God Alone: 

The Life of J. S. Bach

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"The most stupendous miracle in all of music."

...Bach for beginners...and for those who have long loved his music...

"The most stupendous miracle in all of music."  That is how one great German composer described Bach's work.  

Johan Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) lived his whole life in Germany and in music.  This video is his story, unfolded from the very places where his key life events took place.  It is Bach for beginners, in the sense that young people who may never yet have heard of him will find this journey through his life a fascinating adventure.  At the same time, those who have long loved his music will be enthralled with the captivating details of his life and development.

...a legacy that has enriched the world... 

Born into a musical family, Bach's life was almost predetermined to be in the field of music.  But from a child he internalized the art and passionately pursued the development of his skills.  It would result in a legacy that has enriched the world and continues to inspire, engage, and touch souls across diverse cultural boundaries now close to three hundred years later.

...why it was so important to the composer that his gifts be used for the glory of God alone.

In this video journey we are accompanied by Bach authorities including classical guitarist Christopher Parkening.  They guide us through the development, personal crises, challenges, remarkable work output, and the compelling inner motivation of Bach and show why it was so important to the composer that his gifts be used for the glory of God alone.  He got his wish.  Bach died in obscurity, his grave not even marked.  But God was glorified as Bach's music transcends the changing styles and passing centuries and infuses the world with a priceless treasure that _________________________________

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