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From the Little Mountain

Reflections on Orthodox Christian Monasticism

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Color / 32 Min.

Stereo / (In English)


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Filmed and Edited by the Monks Themselves.

From the Little Mountain takes you through a year at the Hermitage of the Holy Cross in West Virginia.

Herein is portrayed some of the beauty and struggle of monastic life using quotes from the Scriptures and the Holy Fathers of the Orthodox Church.

  Photo: from the back cover of the DVD, "From the Little Mountain".

Insights about Monastic life from one of the senior monks at the monastery are given as you are visually taken through the Church liturgical year and the changing seasons in the mountains.

This is a unique documentary of an Orthodox monastery in the 21st century, but the imagery and principles set forth are as ancient (and relevant) as those written by the 6th cntury instructor of monks, Abba Dorotheos.

Photo: from the back of the DVD, "From the Little Mountain". Photo: from the back of the DVD, "From the Little Monuntain".

From the DVD's Inside Cover:

Blessed is the monk who strives to live according to the commandments of the Gospel, for he shall see Christ.

Blessed is the monk who struggles to pray, for his prayer shall become unceasing.

Blessed is the monk who lets the light of Christ shine in his inner darkness, for he shall see himself as he really is.

Blessed is the monk who reproaches himself, for he shall be forgiven.

Blessed is the monk who, when he falls down and feels like quitting, gets back up again, for grace will enable him to persevere.

Blessed is the monk who dwells with his brothers in unity, for great is his reward in heaven. ____________________________

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Image: Front cover of the DVD, "From the Little Mountain: Reflections on Orthodox Christian Monasticism".

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Blessed is the monk who has acquired the peace of the Holy Spirit, for he shall become a haven of peace for others.

Elder Ambrose of Optina was once asked, "What is monasticism?" and he appropriately replied, "Monasticism is blessedness." _______________________________

Our Comments:

Very peaceful, with monks praying and working at common chores; and with beautiful nature scenes of the nearby woods, mountains, and winter's snow.

We probably have about twenty DVDs on Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Monks and Monasteries (it is becoming common for each monastery to put out their own DVD).  

Although many contain much that is good, they usually also contain portions that we do not consider to be Biblically sound, and so we have not recommended them.  

This DVD, however, maintains only a Christocentric message throughout, and is therefore the first DVD made by a traditional monastic community that we have ever recommended on our website. ____________________________

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