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   Friendly Persuasion

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 Color / 159 Min.

Close Captioned

Not Rated

Photo: Gary Cooper.

Gary Cooper in William Wyler's Production of "Friendly Persuasion".  Co-starring Dorothy McGuire.  Introducing Anthony Perkins and Featuring Richard Eyer, Robert Middleton, Phyllis Love, Mark Richman, Walter Catlett.  Also Starring Marjorie Main as the Widow Hudspeth.  _______________

From the book by Jessamyn West.  Music Composed and Conducted by Dimitri Tiomkin.  Screenplay by Michael Wilson.  Produced and directed by William Wyler. _______________

© 1956 Allied Artists Pictures Corporation.  Renewed © 1984 Lorimar Distribution Internatinoal Inc.  All Rights Reserved.  

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"4 Stars.  Warm, winning Performances.  Charming.  Beautifully made."

-Leonard Maltin's Movie Guide

Six Academy Award® Nominations, Including Best Picture.

For two years the Civil War has been south of them.  Now Confederate troops have invaded Indiana, shooting, looting and burning.  It is time to fight back, Jess Birdwell's neighbors insist.  Yet Birdwell, a Quaker, doesn't hold with killing.  He knows there must be a better way to settle things.

Photo: Anthony Perkins in "Friendly Persuasion."

In a role suiting his man-of-few-words persona, Gary Cooper plays Jess in William Wyler's beloved film that earned six Academy Award® nominations, including Best Picture.

 In the early days of the Cold War's thaw, President Reagan presented a video of the film to Soviet premier Mikhail Gorbachev.  

Dorothy McGuire (The National Board of Review's choice for Best Actress), Anthony Perkins and a superior cast join "Coop" in getting to the heart of family, faith and pacifism put to the test.

Based on Jessamyn West's novel, Friendly Persuasion has also shown up in political circles.  In the early days of the Cold War's thaw, President Reagan presented a video of the film to Soviet premier Mikhail Gorbachev.

(-from the Video's Back Cover) _________________________________

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Our Comments:

Not as strongly spiritual in message as regards Salvation as we would like, but it does make you think about both sides of the issue of non-resistance and its application in time of war.  A good, enjoyable  movie.  Gary Cooper is excellent in it.  Monk Bob loves this movie.

-The Prayer Foundation ____________________________

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