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Exploring Biblical Jordan:

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 Color / 62 Min.


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Host: David Nunn

...the actual places where some of the greatest Bible events took place!

More and more discoveries are being made in the land of Jordan related to the actual places where some of the greatest Bible events took place!

  ...Bible events come to life.

Journey with us in this compelling video in which Bible events come to life.  Follow the adventures of Lot, as he fled from Sodom and was sheltered in a cave; Jacob, as he wrestled with God by the River Jabbock; and Moses, as he led the great Exodus northwards from Aqaba. 

Lot, Jacob, Aaron, Moses, Uriah 

There's Mount Hor, where Aaron died and was buried; the plains of Moab, where Moses gave his final instructions and blessing; Beth Peor, where he pleaded to be allowed to enter the promised land; Mount Nebo, where he glimpsed it and died; Amman, where Uriah was killed in battle.

Visit the actual sites where Elijah, Jesus and the Disciples, the Wise Men, and John the Baptist lived and walked...  

We visit Elijah's homeland and the site of his dramatic departure; Petra, where the wise men possibly brought their gifts.  At Bethany beyond the Jordan, John baptized Jesus, and Jesus met his first disciples; at Machaerus, John was imprisoned and beheaded.

A biblical exploration that really comes alive.  

We even descend to the tombs, which the Gadarene demoniac ________________________

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frequented.  These, and much more, make this a unique and gripping program.  A biblical exploration that really comes alive. ___________________________

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