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   Movie Review: David

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Color / 3 Hours


Our favorite parts are the appearances by the prophet Samuel (Leonard Nimoy: shown above), and the prophet Nathan (Franco Nero). __________________

Turner Pictures presents a Lube Production in association with LUX VIDE Betafilm and RAI UNO.

Music by Carlo Siliotto.   Costumes designer: Enrico Sabbatini.  Production designer: Paolo Biagetti.  Director of photography: Raffaelle Mertes, A.I.C.  Line producers: Paolo Lucidi, Paolo Piria.  Produced by Lorenzo Minoli.  Executive Producer: Gerald Rafshoon.  Teleplay by Barry Ross.  Directed by Robert Markowitz.

1997 Turner Pictures, Inc. All rights reserved.




TNT's: "The Bible Collection"

An action and adventure-filled epic about a distinguished military leader whose reign was touched by a great scandal, shocking betrayals and rousing victories, DAVID presents one of the Bible's most thrilling and ageless tales.

David (Nathaniel Parker) is a simple shepherd boy chosen as king of Israel under the watchful eyes of the prophets Samuel (Leonard Nimoy) and Nathan (Franco Nero).  His rise to power is met with tests of adversity -- from the battle with the Philistine Goliath to personal threat from King Saul (Jonathan Pryce).


David's 40-year rule is filled with tremendous battles, betrayals and loss; many caused by his sin of adultery with Bathsheba (Sheryl Lee) and especially by his murder of her husband Uriah.  David continually struggles with enemies both within and without. ______________________________

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