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Dateline Jerusalem

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Color / 2 Hrs.

8 - 15 Min. Segments

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The Trial, Crucifixion, and Resurrection of Jesus as TV News would Cover It Today

Here is the Easter story as you have never experienced it.  You'll feel like you are back in Jerusalem during Holy Week, the most momentous week in the history of the world, and the setting for this "special news report."  With anchor Martyn Lewis and special on-the-scene correspondents, these news bulletins and reports cover the story of holy week in an enlightening presentation that provides greater understanding of the circumstances leading up to and surrounding Christ's crucifixion.

...entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday...   

Programs 1-4 begin with the entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday and examine the events and intrigues that follow: the dramatic challenge of the moneychangers, the trick question of paying taxes to Caesar, and the "evidence" of blasphemy and treason when Jesus claims to be the Messiah.  All are explained in fascinating detail as the narrative unfolds.

...arrest, crucifixion, and resurrection.

Programs 5-8 cover Jesus' arrest, crucifixion, and resurrection.  The politics and intrigue of first-century Palestine provide the backdrop for the betrayal and execution of a man who has changed the course of history.  How will this turbulent Rabbi be remembered?  And what is one to make of the reports that he has come back from the dead?

In this innovative series, using all the techniques of modern news-gathering, combined with the treasures of historical research, the story of that first Holy Week comes alive again---putting the stories of in the realm of a real world. ______________________

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