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Clare and Francis

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 Color / 200 Min.

Full-length Film

DVD is playable only in Region 1 (North America)

Languages: English & Italian

Subtitles: Spanish  & English

DVD Special Features: 

28 Min.-"The making of Clare and Francis"; 16-page booklet with study questions, biography, interview and resource list. _________

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Togther they changed the world.

Together they inspired countless others to follow their radical call to live the Gospel, a heritage that continues to this day.

Photos: Scenes from the Film, "Clare and Francis".

Shot on Location in Italy

St. Clare and St. Francis have their fascinating, thrilling, and inspiring stories told in this new epic feature film from Lux Vide.

Shot on location in Italy at many of the same places where Clare and Francis actually lived, this outstanding movie is unique among films on St. Francis.

Photos: Scenes fro the Film, "Clare and Francis".

Major Role Played by Clare; Here Given Equal Stature with Francis

Made with the cooperation of the Franciscan order, Clare and Francis is an unprecedented retelling due to the historical accuracy of the film, as well as the major role played by Clare; here given equal stature with Francis.  

Moving, reverent, and exciting, this lavish production was a smash hit on Italy's RAI TV Network.

Directed by Fabrizio Costa and starring Mary Petruolo as Clare with Ettore Bassi as Francis. ___________________________

Our Comments:

We all loved this made for TV mini-series-- it is amazing how Evangelical and Gospel based it is -- 97% of it could have been made by the Billy Graham Evang. Org. -- (it was actually overseen by Roman Catholic Franciscans) and very historically accurate.  Very nice to see the large part Clare plays, and also to see St. Francis' trip to Egypt to talk to the Sultan to try to end the Crusades. 

Only exceptions: of course Protestants tend to "check out" whenever stigmata are mentioned (near the very end, but not too much is made of it).  In 200 min. there is only one two-minute scene that no Protestant would have left off the cutting room floor--apparently one of those "saints lives" legends (of Clare) where Jesus comes off the cross as a baby ___________________________

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for Christmas -- if you're Protestant, don't let these 2 min. stop you from being blessed by an otherwise wonderful Film.

Brother Sun, Sister Moon is still our all-time favorite, but this one comes in 2nd, and covers all of St. Francis' life, not just his early ministry.

Seeing St. Francis in this Film inspires us to want to be better Christians. Who can ask for more than that from a Movie?

-The Prayer Foundation ___________________________

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