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  (Children's) Heroes From Christian History: Vol. 1

John Bunyan / David Livingstone / Mary Jones / William Wiberforce

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 Color / 36 Min.

For Ages 5 to 10     _________

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(Author of: The Pilgrim's Progress) _________ 

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Tell others about Jesus like these Heroes from Christian History did:

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Wonderful Stories Introducing Children to Fascinating Heroes in Christian History

  • John Bunyan (1628-1688).  He lacked formal education but became one of the greatest authors ever with Pilgrim's Progress.  It is the second best selling book of all time, next only to the Bible (with the possible exception of The Imitation of Christ).

  • David Livingstone (1813-1873).  One of the greatest explorers and missionaries that ever lived!  He went where no white man of European had ever gone, into the vast unmapped regions of inland Africa.  He brought the Gospel, served the native populations, and combated the slave trade.

  • Mary Jones (1784-1866).  This teenage girl wanted a Bible so much she walked a fifty-mile round trip to the only place where she could get one.  Much of the way she went barefoot to save her shoes.  Little did she realize her example would spark the formation of a great Bible movement.

  • William Wilberforce (1759-1833).  Gifted singer, prestigious politician, and popular playboy, Wilberforce came to a Christian commitment.  It not only changed his own life but changed the world as well when he took up the battle to abolish slavery and combat immorality in England.

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