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  Brother Sun, Sister Moon

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Color / 121 Min.

DVD is playable in Region 1: United States, Canada, and US territories. ____________

Graham Faulkner, Judi Bowker,  and      Sir Alec Guinness as "Pope Innocent III"    

Academy Award® nominated; Rated PG. ____________

    A Paramount Pictures Release of an Italian British co-production.   

Copyright © 1972 Euro International Films S.P.A. All rights reserved.         

Copyright © 2003 Paramount Pictures. All Rights                 Reserved.                       ____________

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    San Damiano Cross ____________

Have you received Christ as your Lord and Saviour?

Find out how to do so on our page:

Plan of Salvation ____________

    Early Ministry of Saint Francis of Assisi  

"For Brother Sun who gives us warmth; to Thee, O Lord we give thanks...for Sister Moon who lights our night;  to Thee, O Lord we give thanks."                 

                      -St. Francis of Assisi 

To follow Christ in Sincerity and Humility

    A "must have" in any Film library. Screenplay co-written and directed by Franco Zeffirelli (Romeo And Juliet; Jesus of Nazareth) not long after he became a born-again Christian.  Brother Sun, Sister Moon is an uncommonly rewarding and meaningful film experience.  A real blessing, causing the viewer to examine the depth and commitment of his own walk with Christ. Zefirelli's cinematography is brilliantly beautiful  throughout.  The film focuses on the early years of Francis of Assisi, who renounced his family's riches and past worldly life to follow Christ in sincerity and humility, unencumbered by material possessions.

Photo: St. Francis and Pope Innocent III.

Our All-time Favorite Movie

This is our favorite movie of all movies ever made.  We watch it at least four times a year.  It is one of the inspirations for The Prayer Foundation.  Many times we have told people that if they would like to understand our ministry, all they need to do is watch this film, and that no further words are necessary.

-The Prayer Foundation __________________________________

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Image: Front Cover of the DVD, "Brother Sun, Sister Moon", a Franco Zeffirelli Film on the early life of St. Francis of Assissi.

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St. Francis prepares to receive Clare into the monastic life (Clare founded The Sisters of Poor Clare, a Franciscan Order for women). ______________________________

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