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The Book of Kells: 

The Work of Angels?

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Color / 60 Min.

Rated: PG
                    Closed Captioned

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The great gospel of Colum Cille was described in 1006 as the chief treasure of the western world.

Nearly a thousand years later it still remains one of the greatest achievements of Western art. 

For centuries the few who were privileged to see the intricate beauty of its designs called it "the work of angels."

This fascinating program conveys for the first time on screen, the greatest glory of Irish art through imaginative use of high definition video.

The Book of Kells' illuminated decoration and calligraphy adorning the four Gospels have earned it the reputation as the most beautiful book in the world.

Native Celtic artists in the 700s and 800s A.D. took the great gospel symbols of the Eastern Church--the four cherubim, lion, calf, eagle and man--and in the cooler air of Europe's northwest transformed them.

The Celtic shapes and symbols used by the artists have been adopted into many aspects of today's art.

The Book of Kells tells the story of this magnificent masterpiece.

Created on the windy Hebridean island of Iona thirteen centuries ago, it now rests in the Trinity College library in Dublin.

The manuscript has mystified and motivated writers from W. B. Yeats to James Joyce and Umberto Eco, and its intricate Celtic knotwork continues to influence artists and craftsmen today. ___________________________

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