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Blind Courage:

The Unique Genius of Jan Zizka

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(Not Recommended)

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This blind man built an army of peasants, armed them with farm tools, then did the seemingly impossible.

Jan Hus was betrayed by the Council of Constance and burned at the stake in 1415.  His Bohemian countrymen, however, who became known as the "Hussites" were not ready to accept defeat.

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...defeated more than 100,000 knights... 

An amazing military genius, Jan Zizka (c. 1360-1424), emerged to lead them.  He took a handful of peasants, outfitted them with farm implements, and defeated more than 100,000 of the finest knights in the world. He revived military techniques not used since the Romans and developed a forerunner of the modern tank.  All of this despite the fact that, for most of this period, he was completely blind.

This award-winning documentary looks at one of the most amazing, yet overlooked, generals in the history of the world. ___________________________

Blind Courage


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Comments from The Prayer Foundation

(Not Recommended)

We do not recommend this DVD to the average Christian, it is a litany of atrocities committed by both sides in the war to exterminate the Hussites.  It contains many images of horrible violence and brutality.

Leave this one to the Historians.

We have not actually watched more than the first part, at which point we felt we had to turn it off. 

We recommend instead, all of the other great Films listed on our: 

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