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Stanley and Livingstone

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 Color and B &W / 50 Min.

(2002) ___________ 

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Their names are forever linked, but the two greatest explorers of Africa joined forces only once. 

Combined, their journeys opened up more than a million square miles of Africa to Christianity and colonization. 

In 1870, in the remote African village of Ujiji, Henry Morton Stanley fulfilled the task assigned him by the New York Herald, greeting a missing Scottish missionary with the immortal words, "Dr. Livingstone, I presume." 

David Livingstone was already internationally renowned for his work in mapping the African interior; for Stanley it was the beginning of a long and storied career. 

Stanley & Livingstone retraces the travels of these legendary explorers, and explores their controversial legacy. 

Historians recount how they opened the door for decades of abuse by European powers in Africa, despite Livingstone's role as one of the earliest and most strident voices against slavery. 

Their own words, taken from journals and books, bring their adventures to life, along with rare footage and photos. 

Join Biography for a journey into deepest, darkest Africa, and explore the lives of the men who opened the "Dark Continent" to the outside world. ___________________________

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